What fun it was to work with Emma and Becky from the Yonder Collective on this beautifully styled event in Bristol’s Paint Works. The Yonder Collective’s purpose is to create a different kind of networking experience for those in the creative industries. Beautiful spaces, styling and dining provided by small businesses who have something new and exciting to offer. I was thrilled to get involved.

I created my biggest piece of work to date and was able to immerse myself in my greatest passion – FOLIAGE!!! Oh, how I love foliage. Hanging above the diners (with some mechanical expertise and assistance from Mr Jessie & the Bloom and his brother), this foliage installation was the most fun thing I’ve created to date and perfectly complimented the Collective’s ‘Rooted in Why’ theme.

yonder-53The evening’s platter style dinner was provided by Dela, which aptly means ‘share’ in Swedish, and the magnificent desserts were provided by Pennie and Sarah at The Boho Bakery.

yonder-41‘Creativity takes courage’ was the title of a post I saw on the deliciously stylish Instagram account of the Yonder Collective in September 2017 and after this event, I am both inspired and more determined than ever. There is something exciting and rewarding about chasing your dream. If you really want, and need, a change and pursue it with conviction and enthusiasm, then doors will start to open. Thanks Emma, Becky and Yonder, for opening one of those doors. Special thanks to Maria Bell for these beautiful images.

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