My name is Karen, and in early 2017, I finally took the plunge into the wonderful world of flowers and foliage and established Jessie & the Bloom.

I am drawn to woodlands, hedgerows and abundant gardens and am continually inspired by their natural beauty and wildness. I have an obsession for foliage, twigs and grasses, which form the base of many of my asymmetrical arrangements, and love bringing these to life by pairing them with the most eye-wateringly beautiful and seasonal blooms.

I specialise in designing and creating floral arrangements for weddings and events and particularly enjoy creating ‘stop-you-in-your-tracks’ hanging installations for these occasions.

I love all things pretty, spend far too much time on instagram and am an avid and prolific consumer of a gritty boxset. I am reliably informed that I have terrible taste in music and drink far too much tea. When not consumed by ‘doing’ flowers, I’m usually thinking about them while simultaneously being put through the wringer by our enigmatic and totally brilliant toddler – the original Jessie.

If you are getting married, or have a forthcoming event, and would like to discuss flowers, please get in touch.

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